Hourly Rates

Our standard rate for web design, graphic layout, image processing, programming, etc. is 85,00 € /h.

Please contact us to get a detailed price offer for your specific project!

Package Prices

Joomla based website, including layout & design, graphic template, HTML formatting of text content, image processing to scale, color correct and optimize the pictures etc.:

  • 600,00 € for Joomla installation and configuration incl, database setup, website graphic template with header, page sheet, article layout, dynamic menu layout, text classes formatting, etc. all based on CSS, etc.
  • 60,00 - 120,00 € for each page + menu entry implementation (depending on complexity, amount of graphics, etc.)
  • 60,00 - 120,00 € for each additional module / plugin setup (for example Lightroom style picture gallery, or contact form, weather module, etc.)

VAT Information

All prices netto. 19% VAT (MwSt) applies for all private clients, as well for business clients based in Germany.

According to current EU agreements, no VAT applies for business clients based in the EU (outside Germany) with a valid UID number.